These Are the 10 High-Profile Stocks U.S. Politicians Have Gravitated to Most Over the Last 3 Years

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29 April 2024

In the realm of personal investments, U.S. legislators exhibit a knack for selecting stocks that often outperform the S&P 500. Here are the 10 high-profile stocks that have garnered significant attention from members of Congress over the past three years:

Apple Inc

Holding the top spot in market capitalization, Apple (AAPL:US) has been a favorite among U.S. representatives and senators, with 42 trades recorded on the Capitol Trades website. The company's robust ecosystem and loyal customer base are attractive features for legislators.

Microsoft Corp

Following closely behind Apple, Microsoft (MSFT:US) has seen 39 trades within the last three years, with a notable preference from Democratic lawmakers. This trend mirrors the general pattern observed with tech stocks.

Alphabet Inc

Google's parent company, Alphabet (GOOGL:US), shares the third spot with Microsoft in terms of trades, although it had fewer transactions overall. Despite recent selling activity, some lawmakers, like Rep. Ro Khanna, continue to invest in Alphabet and other tech stocks. Inc

Garnering bipartisan appeal, Amazon (AMZN:US) ranks fourth, with 38 trades evenly distributed among Democrats and Republicans. Its dominance in e-commerce and cloud services attracts lawmakers regardless of political affiliation.

JPMorgan Chase & Co 

The sole banking stock on the list, JPMorgan Chase (JPM:US) has seen 35 trades, slightly more favored by GOP members. Despite not benefiting significantly from the AI boom, it has outperformed certain AI stocks.

Verizon Communications Inc 

Telecom giant Verizon (VZ:US) holds the sixth position with 32 trades, predominantly traded by Democrats due to its dividend yield, which helps offset losses.

Johnson & Johnson 

As the only healthcare stock in the top 10, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ:US) ties with Verizon in trades but ranks lower due to fewer transactions. Despite stock declines, its consistent dividends have remained appealing.

AT&T Inc

Another telecom stock, AT&T (T:US), saw 31 trades putting it at No. 8 on the list, experiencing similar stock declines as Verizon but cushioned by dividends.

Nvidia Corp

The meteoric rise of Nvidia (NVDA:US) attracted 29 lawmakers, with a notable divergence in trading behavior between Democrats and Republicans. Recent selling reflects profit-taking after substantial gains.

PayPal Holdings Inc

Closing the list at 10th place, PayPal (PYPL:US) witnessed 28 trades, with both parties opting for sales amid significant stock declines since April 2021.

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