Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, earned a reputation for her frequent stock trading in the past few years, made mostly by her husband, Paul Pelosi. Paul Pelosi is the owner of the San Francisco-headquartered venture capital firm Financial Leasing Services.

The frequency of stock trades made by U.S Congress members has come into the public eye post the implementation of the STOCK Act in 2012. As per this law, all US Politicians are required to reveal their stock trades within 40 to 45 days after the transaction has been made. These also include the trades made by the politicians’ family members or their staffers. While Congress trading has attracted criticism, some netizens have been using this activity to generate investing ideas.

From late 2021 to fall 2022, numerous purchases in several high Market Cap issuers were made by Paul Pelosi. Collected from Capitol Trades data, the Pelosis trades in twelve issuers - Alphabet Inc (GOOGL:US), NVIDIA Corp (NVDA:US), Apple (AAPL:US), Microsoft (MSFT:US), Tesla (TSLA:US), AllianceBernstein (AB:US), American Express (AXP:US), PayPal (PYPL:US), Walt Disney (DIS:US), Micron Tech (MU:US), Roblox (RBLX:US), and Salesforce (CRM:US) - were covered in an article as a ‘Recommendations’ list for investors. 

Alphabet had a market cap of almost $1.263 trillion when Paul Pelosi bought stock. Last purchased on September 16, the tech giant reported laying off nearly 6% of its workforce back in 2022. Additionally, their stock price declined by almost 27%.

Before scoring a record-breaking price hike in H1 2023, NVIDIA Corp reported a 20.6% price decline in one year. The stock was predicted to be one of AI tech’s big benefactors at this time and was trading at $132 per share when Pelosi bought. 

Another tech stock purchased by Pelosi was Apple which disclosed a price fall of 18.1% in one year. Pelosi bought AAPL shares when the stock closed at $143.1 on May 24, 2022. Apple was commended during this time for being one of the few companies which did not resort to layoffs to counter its issues. 

Stocks with bullish performances were not the only ones Pelosi was trading.