Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT:US) is making headlines with its financial moves and global involvement. The aerospace giant recently announced a Q4 2023 dividend of $3.15 per share, reinforcing its commitment to shareholders. This marks the 21st consecutive year of dividend increases, highlighting the company's dedication to rewarding investors.

In addition to the dividend news, Lockheed Martin's board of directors has approved a $6 billion share buyback program, nearly doubling the current program's total authorization to $13 billion. This buyback strategy is a means to enhance shareholder value by repurchasing undervalued shares.

Lockheed Martin's recent involvement in geopolitical events has also raised eyebrows. In June, it expressed readiness to train Ukrainian pilots. Furthermore, in July, Lockheed Martin secured a significant deal by selling an additional 25 aircraft to Israel's air force for nearly $3 billion. These developments unfolded against the backdrop of ongoing tensions in the Middle East.

Concurrently, the defense contractor is one the largest players when it comes to federal lobbying. In 2022, the Aerospace firm spent an estimated $13.60 million on lobbying activities whereas, in 2023, it has expended over $6.99 million up to date. 

These developments coincided with Lockheed Martin's dividend announcement, underlining its financial confidence. However, it's crucial to note that the timing and number of share repurchases are at management's discretion and subject to regulatory compliance.

Representative Daniel S. Goldman disclosed selling $15,000 to $50,000 worth of LMT shares in July. 

Lockheed Martin's year-to-date stock performance has seen a nearly 16% decrease, influenced by geopolitical events and market dynamics.