7 Stocks Republican Congressmen Are Quietly Buying Now

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4 April 2023

While often evoking intense emotions, discussions of politics can also sometimes provide valuable investment ideas. In recent months, there has been a growing interest in stocks purchased by Republican Congress members, given their reputation for advocating smaller government and supporting free market enterprises, which theoretically could make them good stock pickers.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that the notion of lawmakers being skilled investment market participants is debatable. Nevertheless, they may have access to significant resources and timely information as evidenced by some U.S. senators who divested their equities before the coronavirus crash. Therefore, the stocks Republican Congress members are buying could be of interest to discerning investors.

Among the stocks that drew attention is Adobe (ADBE:US), with House Republican Diana Harshbarger acquiring shares on January 25, 2023. Although not a typical conservative choice, Adobe experienced increased demand due to the growing gig economy. From a financial perspective, Adobe presented a solid prospect by indicating low bankruptcy risks and outperforming many of its sector peers in revenue growth and profitability.

Another interesting pick was New York Community Bancorp (NYCB:US) purchased by House Republican Nicole Malliotakis on March 17. While the company's financials seemed uncertain, it exhibited strong long-term revenue growth and was undervalued, earning a consensus of strong buy from analysts.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell invested in Kroger (KR:US) on November 29, 2022. With inflationary pressures potentially leading to increased household spending, Kroger was considered a sensible choice. It exhibited compelling fundamentals including robust revenue growth, and was attractively priced with a consensus of hold rating.

Clear Secure (YOU:US), acquired by House Republican David Kustoff on March 2, 2023, is a technology firm specializing in biometric travel document verification services. While its financials presented a mixed picture, the company aligns with conservative values, and analysts rated it as a consensus of moderate buy with considerable upside potential.

ConocoPhillips (COP:US) was a notable choice for Republicans who support a "drill, baby, drill" mentality. It attracted attention when House Republican Michael McCaul purchased shares on February 13, 2023. Despite earlier underperformance, the company's solid balance sheet and growth metrics supported its future potential. Analysts rated it as a consensus of strong buy.

Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP:US) drew interest as House Republican Virginia Foxx invested in it on February 15, 2023. The company's performance has been lackluster, but geopolitical constraints on resource supply were thought to benefit it. Analysts rated it as a consensus of moderate buy.

Lastly, Chevron (CVX:US) captured attention as Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito acquired shares on February 6, 2023. Despite past struggles in the energy sector, Chevron's solid financials and growth prospects were acknowledged by analysts, who gave it a consensus of a moderate buy rating.

Political front aside, it is crucial for investors to thoroughly assess each stock based on their own strategies and risk tolerance, considering both positive and negative aspects before making any investment decisions.

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