2iQ Research recently launched Capitol Trades, an online service that allows investors to conveniently track the stock market trades of Capitol Hill politicians. The introduction of this service aligns with the STOCK Act of 2012, which mandates that members of the U.S. Congress disclose their stock market trades. Leveraging their extensive insider trading database, 2iQ saw the inclusion of STOCK Act trade data as a logical extension to their offerings.

Capitol Trades offers a range of features aimed at delivering valuable information to investors. The platform strives for fast delivery by publishing new trades and analytics as close to real-time as possible, ensuring users have access to the most up-to-date STOCK Act information available. Moreover, the service employs the vast 2iQ data factory to enhance the disclosed transactions with additional information and classifications, enriching the quality and depth of the data. To ensure accuracy, Capitol Trades goes beyond relying solely on automated processing, with 2iQ's data analysts taking meticulous care to verify the published data.

Users of Capitol Trades can access curated trading data from the past three years, which can be searched and filtered using various metrics such as date, politician, stock, and political party. The service also provides analytics tools that enable users to identify the most active politicians, popular stocks, and trending sectors, allowing for the identification of longer-term investment trends. Detailed pages for politicians offer additional context, including their biographies, committee memberships, tweets, trading activity, and preferred sectors. Moreover, the platform includes stock and committee detail pages that complement the data with useful additional information.

In addition to the platform itself, 2iQ has created a companion Twitter profile where investors can receive comprehensive information about new trades as soon as they are published, offering an additional channel to stay informed.

2iQ is a prominent insider transaction data provider, offering global coverage of over 60,000 stocks. Their accurate and rapid insights are utilized by investors, hedge funds, asset managers, quantitative portfolio managers, and analysts for modeling, analytics, and research. With a range of financial applications, including an unmatched data feed, API, bespoke services, and advisory, 2iQ has established itself as a leader in the industry.

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