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U.S Senator's Financial Reports Unavailable for Past Two Days

Oliver Reiche · 1 minute read

The Senate Office of Public Records’ official website has been unresponsive in providing transaction reports for the past two days but no formal notification has been issued.

The Office of Public Records (OPR) is responsible for handling public financial disclosures of individuals performing senate services. It’s also responsible for maintaining records of reimbursed travel reports, registration of mass mailing, political fund designations, and much more. Established in 1972, initially the office was responsible for handling only financial reports of campaigns by senators, but over time, has evolved in its roles and responsibilities and has now become a repository for reports required by statute and senate rules and now acts as a bridge by making financial reports available for senate staff, public and the press. 

As of now, due to lack of data availability on the website “”, we at Capitol Trades can’t get a hold of new records, in result to which, further updates regarding public disclosures and trades made by senators will not be published. But as soon as the links for trade disclosures are up, we’ll be bringing you the most updated news as always.

Update: Official website for the Senate Office of Public Records is now fully live and responsive. You can now view up to the minute financial reports with ease.