Recently, Max Miller, who was elected to the US House of Representatives for Ohio’s 7th congressional district, sold a large amount of US Treasury Bills in two separate trades, both on January 17, 2023. He sold $100k-250k on the first trade, and then again for the second trade. He also disclosed a small purchase of New Water Capital II between $1k-15k, but that was a much smaller purchase than the sales. 

The trade is interesting as it is in contrast to many other politicians who have recently purchased Treasury Bills throughout January, both Democrats and Republicans. By selling such a large amount of Treasury Bills, it begs the question whether the lawmaker is thinking the value of those bills are going to decrease as rates will rise, or he possibly needed the liquidity for something else. As of now, he has not disclosed any matching purchases for the cash that he has raised. 

Analysts have recently been pointing to dropping inflation recently, and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently noted that “Inflation remains elevated, but there are encouraging signs” going forward. Of course, this comes off the back of a blockbuster jobs report for January where the US economy added 517,000 jobs, well beyond expectations, and the unemployment rate hit a 53-year low. That might put pressure on inflation if consumers have more money to spend. 

Max Miller is a member of the United States House of Representatives, and is known for his conservative views and his commitment to protecting individual liberties and promoting economic growth. He works on a variety of issues, including tax reform, regulation, and healthcare, and is a strong advocate for limited government and a free-market economy.