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Chris Coons Sells His Holding of W.L. Gore & Associates

Matthew Levy, CFA · 1 minute read

Chris Coons, the Democrat Senator from Delaware, recently sold up to $500,000 of his holding in a private company, W.L. Gore & Associates Inc according to stock watcher. Divided between two equal value trades, he sold once January 31, 2023 and then a second time on February 03, 2023. This activity comes after he sold a significant amount back on May 03, 2022, worth around $500,000. W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. was founded in Newark, Delaware, in the United States, the senator’s home state. As of yet, there have been no subsequent purchases disclosed by the senator. 

W.L. Gore & Associates is a materials science company founded in 1958 by Wilbert L. Gore and Genevieve Gore. Although it was not until their son, Robert ‘Bob’ Gore’s discovery would lead to the company’s first patent. The company specializes in advanced materials for industries such as aerospace and medical and is best known for inventing Gore-Tex, a waterproof and breathable fabric that revolutionized outdoor apparel.

Chris Coons is a senior US Senator from Delaware, serving since 2010. He has worked on foreign policy and advocated for human rights and democracy globally. Mr. Coons is also a prominent supporter of renewable energy and policies to combat climate change. Prior to being  a Senator, he served as a New Castle County Executive and council member.