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What's Trading On Capitol Hill?

Welcome to Capitol Trades — the best way to follow US politician's trades.

Why follow these trades? Capitol Hill politicians have access to nonpublic information that might influence their investment decisions; so tracking their trades can provide valuable insights for your investment research — and we offer you a free solution to do just that.


Curated trading data from the last three years can be searched and filtered by metrics like date, politician, stock, political party and more.

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Quickly find and visualize the most active politicians, most traded stocks and popular sectors, and identify longer-term trends.

Desktop version only for now...
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Why Choose Us?

Fast Delivery

New trades and analytics are published as close to real-time as possible, providing you the most up-to-date STOCK Act information source available.

Enriched Data

We leverage the vast 2iQ data factory to enrich every disclosed transaction with additional information and classifications.

Quality Assurance

We do not rely on automated processing alone - 2iQ's data analysts take great care to ensure that the data we publish is always accurate.

Twitter Feed

Follow the Capitol Trades Twitter profile to get comprehensive information about new trades as soon as they are published.

Detail Pages

Politician detail pages show their bio, committee memberships, tweets, trading activity and preferred sectors. Stock and committee detail pages complement the data with additional useful context.

Coming Soon

Watch this space: we will constantly improve Capitol Trades with more useful features, and we add curated content to our 2iQ blog on a regular basis.

Voices From The Team

We were not satisfied with the existing offerings for STOCK Act data, so we decided to create our own. The project benefited from our ~15 years of experience in providing global insider trading data. Existing processes and the right people in the right places led to fast results. Today, we are proud to deliver complete and near real-time transactions of US senators and representatives on Capitol Trades - for free.

While working on the data, I often stumbled upon trades where a politician bought the dip, buying at the perfect time, right before the price started rising. Or sold just before a stock started to go down. The data set undoubtedly has very valuable insights to help you make smart investment decisions.

Tracking US Congress trading activity can help investors make more informed trading decisions. While US federal law requires Senators and Representatives to disclose their trades within 45 days of a transaction in a Periodic Transaction Report (PTR), the law is not as strict as it is for corporate insiders. Capitol Trades helps to solve this issue by increasing transparency in this important area of the stock market.

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